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Our Mission

Now that the monument construction is complete, the DCVMF’s goal is to become a valuable resource that directly supports our home town heroes: local veterans.

We are currently accepting applications for our new Veterans Assistance Grant program. The grant program is designed to lend a helping hand for ADA home modifications, funeral expenses, service dogs, or anywhere else a service gap exists.

Our Story

The Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation is a Colorado 501(c)3 Non-Profit formed to construct a monument and gathering place for all of our past, present and future veterans. There will always be a need to maintain our award winning monument and plaza, keeping it a beautiful gathering place for our community to honor and pay tribute to their friends and family members who have served. The DCVMF is an all volunteer board dedicated to putting the needs of our veterans at the forefront.


The Monument is located at the corner of 4th and Wilcox Street in downtown Castle Rock. Freedoms Keeper sits atop a 5’ granite pedestal with each of the six service seals, a tribute to our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The colorful stones in the wall that hold each of the service flags and the POW flag are from the Historic Court House that burned down in 1978.

Assistance Program

With over 20,000 veterans in Douglas County, our vision is to become a valuable resource to our very own hometown heroes; our veterans. We’ve established a Veterans Assistance Grant program, for all eligible veterans to provide a hand up. While the government and other non-profits provide numerous resources, our once per lifetime Veterans Assistance Grants are awarded up to $2,000 and are designed to help where there may be a gap or where the other programs may be falling short.

We’re looking for you!

If you are a Douglas County Veteran, and could use additional resources and think we may be able to help, please visit our Grant Application page for more information on how to qualify for a Veterans Assistance Grant up to $2,000, which are awarded for similar, but not limited to, the following areas.
• Areas of hardship
• Quality of life
• Transportation Assistance

Would you like to help?

Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation is always in need of help in various forms. Whether it’s volunteering at an event, providing resources or services to our Veterans or by making a donation, we wouldn’t be able to make this possible without the help of our community, THANK YOU! If you’re interested in volunteering or have a service or resource you would like to offer, please visit our Volunteer with Us page.