Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation is pleased to announce that over $2,500 in grants were awarded in 2015.

With over 20,000 veterans in Douglas  County, our vision is to become a valuable resource to our very own hometown heroes; our veterans.  We’ve established a Veterans Assistance Grant program, for all eligible veterans to help those in need.  While the government and other non-profits provide numerous resources, our once per lifetime Veterans Assistance Grants are awarded up to $1,000 and are designed to help where there may be a gap or where the other programs may be falling short.

If you are a Douglas County Veteran, and could use additional resources and think we may be able to help, please contact us either through our website: www.dcvmf.org or, by emailing us at info@dcvmf.org.  From our website, you can also download and submit an application for a Veterans Assistance Grant up to $1,000, which are awarded for similar, but not limited to, the following areas.

  • Areas of hardship
  • Quality life
  • Transportation Assistance