DCVMF’s Connection to the Castle Rock Writers by Mark Cohen

The Chronicles of Douglas County

Veteran’s Chapter and the Future

In mid-2014, The History Press published the Castle Rock Writers’ book, The Chronicles of Douglas County.  The eight writers of the fourteen chapters attempted to show the importance of Douglas County, Colorado and its citizens, to our nation’s history – from the dinosaurs to the area’s bright future.  I wrote two chapters in the book, Chapter 10, World War II:  Douglas County Serves the Country, and Chapter 14, Looking into the Twenty-First Century.  Of those I interviewed for the book, one was Lou Zoghby.  His memorable tales of World War II, like many who served, poured out of him like fine wine.  Each story better than the last, Lou didn’t repeat any, and demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the war from technical details to tactics.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I found out later that Lou helped to found the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation (DCVMF)!

During photo selections for the book, someone suggested that we include a picture of the DCVMF’s Freedom Keeper’s sculpture, located in Monument Plaza, in Castle Rock, located at the corner of Wilcox and Fourth Street.  I didn’t realize until now that the statue was dedicated on August 3, 2013, around the same time we embarked on our writing project!

The Chronicles of Douglas County is available for purchase by clicking here.

The Castle Rock Writers’ web site is at http://castlerockwriters.com/.

On November 9, 2015 Lou was awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.