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New funds available to serve at-risk Veterans

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State grant focuses on Veteran emergency assistance.

Douglas County was recently the recipient of a $10,000 state grant providing emergency assistance to veterans struggling with housing (mortgage and rent payments), transportation, employment, healthcare or other emergency needs. The goal with these grant dollars is to help our Veterans bridge the gap during an emergency, creating a temporary safety net for the most basic and essential needs, while simultaneously connecting our Veterans with opportunities to obtain a more permanent solution towards becoming self-sufficient.

To apply for the veterans assistance funds, please contact the Douglas County Office of Veteran Affairs at 303-663-6200 or email the office at


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Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation is pleased to announce that over $2,500 in grants were awarded in 2015.

With over 20,000 veterans in Douglas  County, our vision is to become a valuable resource to our very own hometown heroes; our veterans.  We’ve established a Veterans Assistance Grant program, for all eligible veterans to help those in need.  While the government and other non-profits provide numerous resources, our once per lifetime Veterans Assistance Grants are awarded up to $1,000 and are designed to help where there may be a gap or where the other programs may be falling short.

If you are a Douglas County Veteran, and could use additional resources and think we may be able to help, please contact us either through our website: or, by emailing us at  From our website, you can also download and submit an application for a Veterans Assistance Grant up to $1,000, which are awarded for similar, but not limited to, the following areas.

  • Areas of hardship
  • Quality life
  • Transportation Assistance

Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation awards its First Grant

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Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation is pleased to announce that on March 5, 2015 the Board of Directors approved its first grant of assistance to a veteran in need who honorably served in the United States Army.

A U S Army Specialist (E4) served from August 24, 1977 to August 22, 1980 with the 76th Engineering Battalion at Fort Meade, Maryland.  He actually joined the Army before graduating from high school on the delayed entry program to learn a construction trade.  While at Fort Meade, as well as a deployment to a Naval base in Delaware, he assisted in the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, and sidewalks.  Additionally, he and his fellow team members built a multi-purpose sports court, all for the use of fellow military personnel.  He also participated in military maneuvers training in woods of nearby Pennsylvania to improve the combat skills of the unit.

This US Army Specialist states that the Army taught him discipline, teamwork and responsibility.  It must have instilled a strong sense of patriotism in him for life as well, as he concluded email remarks about his service with:  “To this day I would go to war for my Country if I was ever called to serve”.

Volunteers of America

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The Volunteers of America is a homeless prevention, rapid rehousing and support services program funded by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and designed to provide emergency housing services to Veterans and their families. Veterans and their families that have found their housing situations unstable, being either currently homeless, will receive assistance in stabilizing their housing, and following up services designed to help them maintain stable housing going forward. Through these efforts, it is the intention of the Back Home Program to break the cycle of homelessness for our nations veteran population, and to once again welcome them back home.

Forms of Assistance may include:
Housing search
Employment/education services
Personal financial management
Child care search
Transportation assistance
Advocacy on behalf of the Veteran
Connection/referral to other community resources as appropriate

for more information please visit

Helping our Neighbors

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Over the next several years the US Government estimates that over one million veterans will leave active duty service.

When they do, many are going to need health care or disability compensation. All of them will go through the process of learning to be civilians again, often a challenging and difficult process.

Douglas County currently has over 20,000 veterans, and our foundation is dedicated to continuously honor and support both our current and future veterans. Learn more about how we stay active in the community and answer that call.