Challenge_CoinDCVMF Challenge Coins

Any donation of $50 or more is rewarded with your own specially-minted coin to show and challenge your friends. Contact a DCVMF Board Member to receive yours today (supplies limited).

Learn the history of the Challenge Coin here.

Routine Maintenance:

We intend to keep this monument in prime condition for generations to come, and we need your support. Lighting, cleaning, statue treatments and trash removal are required throughout the year.

Please help us to keep the Veterans Plaza looking great, all contributions are sincerely appreciated.

Service Flags:

With Colorado weather, flags take a beating and will need to be replaced approximately twice a year. Donations for replacement flags and other maintenance are greatly appreciated. Our veterans deserve public recognition for their enormous effort and sacrifice.

You may select which flag you wish to donate towards – USN, MM, USA, USCG, USAF, USA, USMC.

Bronze Service Seal Plaques:

USN:  CWO3 Bob USN (RET) & Barbara Rotruck
USAF:  Harvey & Judith Reynolds in Honor of Tom Franks USAF
USMC:  Fraternal Order of Eagles (Aerie #3947)
Merchant Marines:  Smoky Hill Chapter of the DAR
USCG:  Lee & Cecilia White
USA:  Jim & Michelle Hahn


POW-MIA:  Michael Skurich
USMC:  Michael Skurich
USA: LTC Houston Ward USA (RET)
USAF:  Aloha Trust
USN:  COL Dale Boggie USAF (RET)
Merchant Marines:  Anonymous
USCG:  Fraternal Order of Eagles (Aerie #3947)